Sony: Media Monster Wars Facebook App

Thu, Aug 26, 2010
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Sony has been running a pretty cool Facebook app over the last few weeks, called Media Monster Wars, featuring Justin Timberlake. It’s a well integrated social game that utilises the content on your wall to power your monster. The more photos, videos, comments, likes, shares and interaction you have, the bigger, better and meaner your monster will be in battle! Then when you’ve crushed all your friends, you can challenge Justin Timberlake himself…

The idea for the media monsters comes from Sony’s attempt to clean up the piles of media that often clog our computers, through their new Vaio notebook and software.

Apart from a fantastic concept, the app does a great job at leveraging the viral elements of Facebook with status updates, direct posts to friends’ walls, wall to wall views and direct friend to friend battles, challenges and scoring. One really interesting thing though, is there wasn’t a “like” button in sight… Missed opportunity? I’d love to see the campaign stats and exactly where all that engagement went! Great work by 180 LA, and congrats to Sony for pushing the idea.

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