Sony Ericsson Xperiments Case Study

Sat, Jun 11, 2011
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Check out this case study from Sony Ericsson Australia. To launch their new range of Xperia smartphones they decided to embrace social media and create something engaging for their audience.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties in the past there was some pretty bad brand sentiment on their Facebook page. To overcome this Iris Sydney created a live online experiment “Xperia Social Xperiments” with comedian, Tommy Little, locked in a room, with just his Xperia and a live video link. Over 8 hours, Tommy had to get as many people as he could to like him on Facebook. By doing whatever it was they asked him.

Their Social Xperiments campaign received over 850 challenges in one day. Tens of thousands of people tuned in to follow the activity. Users were incentivised with prizes, such as free handsets throughout the day and the Facebook page gained over 1,500 likes. The most important factor for Sony was to create some positive sentiment for the brand’s social channels which has been achieved by letting people engage with and have fun with the brand.

This was a brave move for Sony Ericsson and well executed by Iris. It feels like a campaign like this could get more traction and it would be good to see more like this from Sony Ericsson. Thanks for sending this one over Adam.

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