Smirnoff: The Facebook Guardians Concept

Tue, Jun 5, 2012
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Here’s a pretty interesting concept from two students over at the Miami Ad School. They have created a social media concept called ‘Smirnoff Guardians‘ to help people ensure that their friends get home safely after a night out.

This idea centers around a Facebook campaign, which adds a ‘safe ride’ button next to the like and comment options under Facebook posts. This lets users become a virtual designated driver by purchasing a friends’ cab ride home when they see that they’ve checked into bars and clubs. The lucky friend is alerted to this good deed with a text message sent to their phone and they are gifted a code to redeem the ride. The ‘Guardian’ receives points for their good deeds, which they can use to enjoy free access to clubs, skip long queues and have a cocktail named in their honour.

Obviously this is going to be impossible to actually implement on Facebook, but its great to see the next generation looking for new ways to push current platforms.

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