SlideShare: Social Media Around the World 2011

Sun, Oct 9, 2011
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Here is a great SlideShare presentation showcasing a whole bunch of statistics, observations and facts on the uptake, experience and use of social media (and a little mobile) from around the world in 2011. It’s 167 slides and well worth the read if you’ve got 20-30 mins (or 10 for a speed flick!), so perhaps it’s time to grab a coffee then come back for a click through the presentation.

A few of the pull outs are… 2 out of 3 employees are socially proud of their employer, 12% of all smart phone users use location based services (with only 20% of them checking-in each day), Only 4% of smartphone users are familiar with Augmented Reality, 73% of all Europeans are a member of at least one social network, MySpace still has 70% social awareness, over 50% of people have deleted a friend on a social network, 42% of people have had a real conversation with a brand online, 61% of people are happy to provide user feedback with trailing/using a product.

Ok, so there is way to much to list here…. Hope you enjoy the pres and nice find Alicia!

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