Slideshare: Future Of Mobile Tagging Report

Sun, Jan 16, 2011
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Whether you believe in QR codes or not (which reminds me I really need to change that poll!) this report from PSFK on The Future Of Mobile Tagging takes you down the technology path that links the real world with the virtual, helping to unlock the true potential of mobile in a consumers life.

It’s a pretty long presentation at 95 pages, but does a great job at breaking down the content into bite size chunks; Awareness, Information Gathering, Action/Purchase and Post Purchase. It covers everything from instant wins, mobile arcades, product reviews, content sampling, content unlocking and scan triggering… right through to unlock-able rewards, scan to pay functionality, feed back loops and event the benefits of mobile “how to” guides… Make sure you click Menu > Full Screen on the bottom left before you start clicking through. Enjoy! (thanks Mark)

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