Skype: Live Phone Box Experiment

Mon, Dec 7, 2009
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Skype and The Viral Factory recently launched a live campaign called the Phone Box Experiment, a new awareness campaign promoting Skype’s cheap international calls to mobile phones and landlines. So they’ve taken one guy, flown him to the most remote pay phone on the planet where he has setup camp for the next 10 days taking as many calls as he can day and night!

The best part is, that Rob Cavazos (the guy camped out by the phone) speaks a bunch of languages, which means you’ll probably be able to have a great conversation with him if he picks up, no matter where you’re from! I tried calling, but I “don’t have Skype credits” so perhaps a slight sticking point in the strategy there for first timers or another reason to get credits! Click here to check out the website!

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