Skittles: The Facebook Gifting Tree

Sun, Jun 6, 2010
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Part two of the Skittles “Mob The Rainbow” social platform was a poll on their Facebook page, with three choices, the winner, again, would be brought to life in the real word just as they did with the Valentines day Mob of Love for the very first part of the campaign. This time the Skittles Gifting Tree emerged as the winner with over 40,000 votes from their 5 million Facebook fans!

Like many people, I’m watching this campaign closely, it’s a great social platform for a brand like skittles, giving power to the fans to help shape the funny things they propose for the real world, then posting it back to Facebook for their fans to enjoy, it works a treat. However, what is interesting to see is the level of engagement around their daily conversation inside Facebook, while I love the tone and humor around the content, it seems that Skittles fan’s need more, they’ve got almost 5 million fans but are only getting about 400 people commenting on average…

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