The Skittles MOB vs David Phoenix

Tue, Oct 19, 2010
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The skittles mob is back (I’ve been waiting!) and this time it was with a live Facebook event called “Dazzle The Rainbow” where the entire skittles mob has been challenged by a character called David Phoenix, a fully grown man, who believes he can beat the interwebs and the 1.3 million skittles fans at what they love doing… Social mobbing…

So the idea is around broadcasting a live interactive event where David Phoenix challenges the Skittles mob to try and submerge him to death by way of skittles. Each person who logs onto the Facebook app adds hundreds more Skittles to the next drop (which happens every 15 mins).

So the Skittles Mob won comfortably after submerging the guy in almost 2 million skittles with time to spare. But what is your take on this kind of Facebook event? I love the content, concept and overall idea, but think that the actual fan interaction could have been a little more than simply logging on…? I kind of wanted more from the experience… (Thanks Katy!)

Ps. This isn’t my video below…!! Suspect it could have done with out the commentary….

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