Skimmer: Fallon’s Social Media Application

Sun, Mar 29, 2009
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SKIMMER: fallon social media skimmer application
It’s here, finally, “Skimmer” is a social media application that lets you stream all your social media content into one sleek skimmer interface where you can hook up all your facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube & blogger accounts together so you save bucketloads of time managing them all. Plus, it’s built with the new Adobe Air, which will greatly enhance your social media experience from here on!

Interestingly enough, it’s from Fallon, a leading global ad agency. I guess this is multipurposed, so you can not only manage your own social accounts, but also your clients social media campaigns from a single interface (not bad eh?)! While i’m on Fallon, they are actually launching three things, the Skimmer app, new website and a new logo!

Click here to download the application.

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