Sensodyne: 3D Projection Mapping In Canada

Sun, Oct 17, 2010
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3D Projection Mapping events are still pretty hot, so hot that even Sensodyne (a tooth paste brand) has jumped in, creating Canada’s largest 3D projection mapping event to date, in partnership with their agency Grey Canada and Tantrum Design / VFX.

What was different about this projection mapping event, was that sound was broadcast via your mobile phone by people dialing in to avoid the noise pollution that otherwise may have been created. That’s a pretty interesting thing in my mind, as although you won’t be able to attract viewers through the sound beaming down a street, it does, seem to make the whole event a little more personal and engaging.

Forcing people to dial in for sound would have pros and cons. Firstly, it didn’t say it was a free call, so you may have lost a few people instantly, and secondly, not everyone will want to call in. But, for those who do, it enhances the personal experience and also provides a nice measurement system to see how long people watched and exactly what session they saw.

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