Scandinavian Airlines: The TimeKiller App

Mon, Oct 3, 2011
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Here is a great little time wasting utility app from SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) that isn’t actually made for its loyal customers, but for their competitor airline customers, after SAS won the award for being the most punctual airline again, and for the last few years in a row.

The whole idea here aims to poke a little fun at SAS’ competitor airlines by suggesting to their customers that they’ll need this app from SAS because chances are, their flight will be delayed and they will need something to kill the time! So luckily, it’s actually a pretty cool app.

There are 4 mini-games… You’ve got; spin the hamster, blow the propeller, hold that thought and follow the footsteps. All pretty weird little mind numbing games, but that’s the whole point… If you flew SAS, you wouldn’t need to be playing this app! Great idea based on a great positioning, love seeing these initiatives getting up. By the guys over at SWE Advertising in Stockholm and via.

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