Sapporo Beer: Website Treasure Hunt

Mon, Aug 16, 2010
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Dentsu Canada recently teamed up with Lollipop to create a digital campaign for Sapporo Beer in Canada, a place where Sapporo was a largely unknown brand. So they built a story around the brands history and brewing process that unfolded online, a place where users would be asked to collect special scrolls across a large interactive world that was designed to bring that story to life, if you could find all 15 scrolls, you were entered into the draw for an exclusive trip to Japan.

While I think this is a great way to take people on a journey with the brand, the campaign lacks the integrated social element they probably needed to get the brand exposure to the degree they were after (they have a massive 26 fans on Facebook). I think it’s really important when planning campaigns like this that you not only create that unique, engaging experience like they have, but also focus on the social strategy and integration requirements from day one, it’s just too valuable to forget. Click here to check out the Legendary Biru Campaign Website. Enjoy!

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