Samsung SuperSwypers Campaign Case Study

Mon, Nov 1, 2010
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Not sure if you guys got to see this Samsung Galaxy S campaign from a few months back in Holland? If not, here is the case study video! Muse Amsterdam & Starcom created a campaign called SuperSwypers, a crack team of roving personal reporters who saved the day for hundreds of people as summer took hold and the parties, events and festivals swung into action.

The idea was, that if you had to miss your favorite festival or event because you were on holidays or say, at granddad’s birthday, you could log onto the SuperSwypers website and order a roving SuperSwyper to cover the event (live) for you! They would check into foursquare, shoot videos, photos and use the swype feature on the Galaxy S to ensure they covered every minute of action, lives… Once everything was wrapped up for the day, they’d send you the personalised story.

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