Samsung Shakedown Campaign Case Study

Sun, Jun 6, 2010
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Fethi posted when this campaign first launched in Feb, and I’m surprised we haven’t seen more “live” campaigns this year, in late 2009 I thought we were seeing the beginning of a trend around live streaming campaigns where users could interact and directly affect the outcome of something physical from the real world, it was all the buzz, but for some reason, it didn’t quite ramp up into 2010 like I thought it might.

This is the Samsung Shakedown campaign case study, it’s one of only a handful of live campaigns I’ve seen this year, and while I’m not convinced it really gets the “tough phone” differentiator message across as good as it could (I’ve dropped my iPhone onto concrete many times too!), it does however, drive some urgency and buzz around the campaign in a seriously engaging way by offering 70 mobiles up for grabs in every Shakedown round, all you had to do was pick up a phone and call one of the Samsung B2 100 phones and make it vibrate off the table while watching it streamed live online.

And with 30,000 calls an hour coming into the phones, you’d have been lucky to get a crack at pushing a phone off the table!

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