Rugbeer: Tackle The Vending Machine

Tue, May 29, 2012
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Here’s a great installation from Argentinean beer brand ‘Cerveza Salta’. Argentina is a country renowned for having the most football fans in the world, but in the Northern Salta province, the New Zealand equivalent of Argentina, people love rugby. Salta Beer wanted to create a campaign that targeted this rugby loving region and what better way to engage them than creating a tackle machine and placing it in bars!

‘Rugbeer’ also just happens to be a tackle machine with a difference, it’s actually a vending machine, that challenges rugby fans tackle it in order to release a cold Salta Beer. Rugbeer was so successful that it toured the region, leading to 25% more beers sales in the bars that it visited. What a great way to create engagement. Nice work Ogilvy Buenos Aires. (Thanks Diego)

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