RockMelt: The New Social Web Browser

Sun, Nov 14, 2010
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A new web browser called RockMelt launched it’s invitation to beta through a Facebook authentication scheme last week, and to get everyone excited, they kicked off by releasing this demo video that has racked up 500,000 views.

Rockmelt aims to become a “Social Browser” by integrating your social life directly into your web browser’s interface to create one seamless experience no matter what website you are viewing. On the left it connects your friends and the right, your social accounts, by loading Facebook and Twitter API apps to give you direct access and one click sharing as if you were inside Facebook or Twitter.

My first reaction was thinking it was pretty cool, with decent potential once users work out the new interface features, but the better part of me says unless they can drive big uptake in high school and university students it might fade away just as fast as their video went viral… but there is some huge potential here nevertheless.

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