Rip Curl: World First GPS Surf Tracking Device

Tue, Jun 3, 2014
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Introducing Rip Curl Search; a multi-platform digital ecosystem and device (Waterproof GPS Surf Watch) that allows surfers to find, capture and re-live their perfect waves, anywhere in the world… Created by VML in Sydney, Australia. It’s powered by Facebook Connect, and lets surfers log all their sessions, challenge friends, create surf clubs, protect secret spots, track their fastest waves, longest waves, how far they’ve paddled… And ultimately, share their stats on Facebook. (Download the App here, or log onto the site here.)

It will automatically pull in the weather conditions, like swell size, and allow users to add photos to capture the days big waves. With every wave caught adding to a global ecosystem of data that helps surfers find their next best wave. The GPS watch showcases your stats instantly in the water, challenging you to beat your best wave, or just catch an extra one before heading back to the beach to visualize the session. Below is the ‘Making of Video…

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