Renault “Twizy” iAd Demo

Mon, Dec 27, 2010
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Check it out, this is the very first iAd produced for Europe, and also an iAd advertising first for Renault, who has taken a huge leap forward with it’s new “Twizy” electric concept car.

The iAd, like the very few before it, is quite simple to interact with, visually quite punchy, and has enough depth to keep users interested for a minute or two by taking them through an educational experience around the new “Twizy” electric concept car. The app explores all the key features of the car (and how it works), along with showing fuel and cost comparisons to things like scooters to assist in selling the electric deam, but more importantly, it is surveying where people would like to see “electric” charge stations installed in the future.

I think there is plenty of merit in using iAds to create, challenge and engage in conversation directly with iPhone users, and I suspect we’ll see a big push this way in 2011 as a raft of big brands take to the iAd space looking to do more with their ads. Created by the guys at Digitas France.

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