Renault 4: The Facebook Storytelling Campaign

Tue, Jul 3, 2012
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Renault Netherlands wanted to promote their Facebook page with their latest campaign, they enlisted the help of agency Dorst & Lesser who developed this nostalgic Facebook campaign around the character Grandma Hilda.

The Facebook campaign focused around the story of Hilda and her Renault 4. The concept of the story was that Hilda had loved her Renault 4 but she was now too old to drive and her car was left sitting in the garage. Hilda wanted to give the car away to someone who could also enjoy driving it. Facebook users were asked to visit the Facebook app to play virtual ‘hide and seek’ around an interactive house placing a tag where they thought the missing car key was. The person who placed a tag closest to the missing key would win the car.

The campaign received 10,293 unique tags and the Facebook page increased by 27,930, which doubled the number of fans. This is a good way to use the Facebook platform to create a nice storyline around the competition.

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