Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report 2009

Mon, Nov 30, 2009
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This presentation contains the FEED highlights from the Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report 2009 edition, it’s also the presentation Garrick Schmitt is giving in his Webinars. FEED is Razorfish?s annual study charting how technology is changing the way consumers engage with brands and is a MUST read for every single marketer!

So what did they find out in 2009? Experience matters. A whole lot. So much so that experiences are becoming the new advertising or marketing. And these experiences are having an inordinate amount of impact on how consumers perceive a brand and ultimately purchase products. Moreover, they also found that consumers are actively engaged with brands across the entire digital spectrum. Consumers may be in control but so are brands which are so deeply embedded in the culture that consumers can?t imagine not making them a part of their world ? on Facebook, Twitter or even their own blogs.

Razorfish, like always have made the reports entirely available online for free. You can download the full report here, just see all the data & charts here or even purchase a professionally printed book here. Thankyou Razorfish for making it all freely available!

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