Quitbit: Wearable Tech For Life Expectancy

Fri, Sep 18, 2015
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What if a piece of wearable tech could tell your life expectancy, and count it down, on your wrist? Meet Quitbit, it’s currently in beta testing, an will track your life expectancy so you can always have a view how much life you have left to live…

Ok, so it’s fake, but regardless it’s an interesting concept. What if a piece of wearable tech could actually work out, based off your DNA, diet, biometrics, activity .etc how long you were expected to live? Showing that countdown right in front of your eyes? Pretty scary. Which is probably why Mount Pleasant Group Cemeteries have created this as a campaign to get people to action planning their funerals… creepy cool, I guess?! The flipside? Your years go up when being healthy?!

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