Puma: The World’s Fastest Purchase

Thu, Apr 26, 2012
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Here is a nice idea from Puma in Mexico. To showcase their super fast running shoes they encouraged customers to shop as quickly as possible by incentivising speedy shoppers with a discount in a campaign named “The World’s Fastest Purchase”.

As shoppers entered the store they were prompted to push a big red button that started a timer on their shopping experience. Once pressed customers were issued with a ticket that time stamped the beginning of their shopping challenge. At the cash register, shoes in hand, they hit a second button and a ticket with a “stop” time was issued. The challenge earned the shoppers a varying level of discount from 5% off (for completing the shop in 10 minutes) to 20% off (for completing the shop in 3 minutes). It’s great to see a campaign that brings some fun to the in store experience.

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