Projection Mapping: New Museum in NYC

Sun, May 29, 2011
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Here is a cool projection mapping event for the New Museum in New York. On Saturday May 7th over 5,000 perople came to see this Flash:Light display as it transformed the facade of the New Museum. Light Harvest Studio along with Nuit Blanch New York put together this group of artists working in non-electronic mediums to create a unique projection mapping experience.

Painters, sculptors, architects, stop-motion animators, and performance artists were all asked to interact with scale models of the Museum ranging in size from 11 inches to 11 feet. This is the first time projection has been used to animate the entire 174-foot façade of the New Museum…..

This event is part of the Festival for a City of New Ideas . Below is a video of another part this event, the 3D Projection Mapping on St. Patrick’s Cathedral (artist: Jeff Grantz) from Audemars Piguet Flash:Light NYC. It’s great to see art being displayed like this and it shows how creative you can be with projection mapping. Great work.

St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral 3D Projection (artist: Jeff Grantz) from Materials & Methods on Vimeo.

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