Polar Beer: The $100,000 Team Challenge

Mon, Jan 10, 2011
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Here is very cool campaign for Polar Beer by the guys at AlmapBBDO in Brazil. Rio Grande do Sul is the birthplace of Polar Beer, it also just happens to have two of Brazil’s most competitive soccer teams; arch rivals “Internacional” and “Grêmio”, so what would a beer brand do? Alienate one fan base by sponsoring the other? Surely you can’t engage both in the same campaign right? Well, is seems you can do just about anything on online, and become a hero doing it.

Polar Beer split $100,000 between the rival soccer clubs, then put the whole thing on a micro site where the money was up for grabs, catch was, over the ensuing month, fans could jump on and “steal” coins for their own team, with every click earning their team $1, that in turn, could be stolen back at any time in the month, with the eventual winner “Grêmio” taking victory.

What’s interesting about the stats on this campaign isn’t the near 100,000 unique visitors, or the 1 million+ page views, but Google’s Orkut driving almost 50% of the sites traffic… Hmmmm…

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