PlayStation: Shoot My Truck Social Installation

Mon, Feb 20, 2012
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The successful launch of a video game now relies on epic advertising campaign more so than ever, remember the ads for Modern Warfare 3 (20 odd millions views) and Black Opps? The social communities of these high-end games are pretty intense and ridiculously demanding, but get it right, and they’ll reward you with direct purchases and advocacy at the very least…

Faced with this, how would you launch a new action game? Lot’s of things have been tried before, but never this, and it’s pure genius. PlayStation created a live “Shoot My Truck” Social Installation for the new Twisted Metal game, allowing users to fire a military-grade machine gun at a set full of explosive laden objects after connecting by Facebook or Twitter.

It was a live streaming, fully commentated, 2 day event, with 100,000 bullets, thousands of people and a real M249-SAW machine gun in a battle to the death of a truck! Possibly the best digital convergence campaign I’ve seen yet! Created by the guys at Deutsch Inc. Very very cool.

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