Playboy: Virtual Casting Campaign Case Study

Sun, May 9, 2010
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You may remember when I posted about the launch of this campaign in February this year,  back then it created a lot of hype for Playboy and plenty of controversy in Argentina, so here is the follow up case study for everyone to check out!

The campaign was created by Gray Argentina, and it launched as a mostly digital play, having minimal Tv, Radio and Print media to back it up, but with this kind of subject, it doesn’t need a lot of “bought” media. Grey utilised Playboy photographers and recruiters  to seed Facebook and Twitter in search of girls looking to make the cover, they also launched a saucy viral video to build some buzz to get the entries flowing.

The viral video had over 130,000 views on YouTube, while the campaign site received over 1650 unique casting entries, and 125,000 unique registered “voters” who had the task of taking the 1650+ entries, shortlisting them to 60 and helping choose an eventual winner.

The campaign increased playboy’s database by 45%. Good luck in Cannes! (thanks Christian)

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