Playboy Digital Campaign: Casting Session!

Mon, Feb 8, 2010
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Playboy are finally hitting their digital strings. This is perhaps one of the coolest digital campaigns I’ve seen in a while, and on top of that, it’s probably going to be the most engaging they’ve ever done, appealing to both men and women alike, but all for very different reasons! (see it here).

Created by Grey Argentina, this Playboy digital campaign provides women with their very own home casting studio, setup right on their computer (with webcam!)  and the chance to make it onto the real playboy magazine cover. First, you’ll need to complete your shoot with your personal photographer, once you get your shots, you can choose the best photos and create your book.

Then, share it with all your friends as the winning girl will be chosen based on popularity! What a fantastic idea, you capture women from all over the world desperate to get onto playboy cover, while attracting men who want to check out the action as it happens! Click here to launch the campaign website! It’s just a shame I can’t speak the language. (thanks Christian!)

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