Philips Cinematic Viewing Experience Website

Thu, Apr 16, 2009
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philips 21-9 cinematic lcd tv experience website
This is probably the best promotional site for any new LCD TV i’ve seen, not only that it just happens to be the first 21:9 Cinematic Viewing LCD on the market, made by Philips. The site features a special short film directed by Adam Berg and Stink Digital that is a freeze frame 3D film where it’s explained how great lighting (promoting the new ambient lighting feature) makes or breaks a movie quality, but the best part is, throughout the experience you can easily toggle between 21:9 and 16:9 to compare the difference in quality and exprience of movies… I think it’s a great site, fantastic in fact, one of the better online experience sites around at the moment - great work Tribal DDB and Stink Digital.

Make sure you check out the experience site here. Enjoy!

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