Perception: An Interactive Billboard Experience

Sun, Jul 22, 2012
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My obsession with the convergence of the physical and digital world’s seems to be catching on! Ok, I didn’t create the trend, but I sure got in early and we now see a tonne of convergence pieces here at Digital Buzz. And this one, to showcase a new TV series called ‘Perception’ in NYC, is what it’s all about, an Interactive Billboard that provides each person with a unique experience and they walk past, people can interact, explore and go deep into it or sit back and just watch it unfold.

I love the granular effect with the creative, the way it attracts users into the experience and how it feels easy to get involved. The noise created really adds to the stopping power too. A very cool piece from the guys at Breakfast NYC using an old-school, super-speed electromagnet dot display.

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