Opera Browser To Launch on iPhone & iPad

Wed, Mar 24, 2010
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This might be what lots of you have been waiting for, a browser (any browser!) that isn’t safari, for the iPhone and probably the iPad. Today, Opera have officially submitted the new Opera Mini 5 browser app to Apple for approval, if it gets through or not is another story!

The Opera Mini 5 browser brings some seriously cool features to the iPhone browser, firstly it supports multiple site loading (thank god!) for 5 tabs, it also has “instant” scrolling of page content along with the biggest feature “server side compress” which compresses page content by 90% on the server side, which increases your page loads remarkably. The official video above claims a 5-1 ratio of page load speed over safari, but is tested on 2.5g!

Take a guess at the time it will take apple to approve (or reject!) the app here, on the official site.

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