Onitsuka Tiger: Facebook Places Campaign

Wed, Nov 17, 2010
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Tonight we launched a new campaign for Onitsuka Tiger in Australia to leverage their major sponsorship of the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival. The film festival has a pretty hip crowd, so to take advantage of their love for Facebook, iPhones and all things cool, we created the first Facebook Places campaign seen in Australia, that would make the Onitsuka Tiger brand a key engagement point at each of the 10 events/film sessions of the 4 day festival.

The idea is pretty simple, you have to check in with Facebook Places at 3 of the event locations, then answer the final question on our Facebook wall, with the winner scoring a one off custom fixie to ride home on the night, plus, each night, just by checking in and answering our session question correctly, you could score a fixie and tonnes of Onitsuka Tiger gear on the spot.

So to help Onitsuka Tiger literally own the event locations and create brand engagement and interaction, we visited each venue to create “Facebook Places” naming them as “Onitsuka Tiger Check In Points” so that when you are prompted to check in, you’ll be checking into our “Onitsuka Tiger Check In Point @ The BFF” instead of the actual venue.

The launch party was a huge success, with about 50% of attendees checking in straight up. We are filming the whole event, so I’ll be sure to post a case study with results in the coming weeks. A big thanks to my digi crew at IdeaWorks, looks like you’ve created a little FB history unless someone can point out another FB places campaign that beat us to being first in Australia!

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