One Show: Fiat Eco Drive Wins Best In Show

Tue, May 12, 2009
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fiat eco drive website one show awards winner best in show for interactive and digital
FIAT has won best in show for the interactive category of the One Show with “Eco Drive” by AKQA.
A very cool site / app that allows you to plug in a USB to your car (FIAT ofcourse) while driving, then plug it into your computer and sync with the app, which then gives you a sexy interface and complete data analysis of your driving activity.

The idea is, that by doing this, FIAT actually teaches you to drive more economically to help you save on emissions, fuel and maintenance on the car! The site provides a full interactive demonstration of how it works, and the very cool interfaces and interaction available for anyone with a FIAT.
Check out the site here.

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