Old Spice “YouLand” 8-Bit Facebook Video Game

Sun, Jul 3, 2016
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8-bit videogames are coming back, well ok… Maybe just for Old Spice, with their new “Youland” Facebook Video Game, which three in-built games. Just log in with Facebook, choose your own avatar, friends to play with (they’ll appear at random times in the game). Then, you’ll be shown a tour of the game by Isaiah Mustafa (who else right?) before he disappears having been “only paid for 45 seconds of voiceover work.” From there, you’ll be sent into the crazy 8-Bit Old Spice world of wonders, filled with talking animals, VR headsets, weird people, your 8-Bit friends and many many other things.. It’s fun, funny and it’s super on brand. Created by the crew at Wieden & Kennedy.

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