Old Spice Sends Personal Twitter Video Replies

Wed, Jul 14, 2010
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Wow! Not only did Old Spice and Wieden Kennedy pickup a Grand Prix at Cannes for their campaign, they’ve just started rolling out one of the best social campaigns I’ve ever seen, all based on the ads that generated so much talk over the last few months.

Old Spice has just started delivering personal video replies to tweets (and now even YouTube and Facebook comments)! Yep, if you had tweeted about Old Spice, chances are you might have an @reply with a custom made video just for you. And if you haven’t, then you can tweet to them right now @oldspice and you might be lucky enough to get a custom video reply. So far they’ve delivered almost 120 videos in the last 24 hours alone, with each and everyone one a strategic response to a tweet or YouTube or Facebook comment.

It’s also possibly the best social meets viral strategy I’ve seen, what better way to get people talking about you brand than taking your super popular character recording personalised videos for hundreds of tweeps in record time and then tweeting them their custom video for the world to see! Now, not only are they creating videos for the general public, they’ve been busy creating videos for some of twitters most followed people like twitter founder Biz Stone, Digg founder Kevin Rose, Ellen DeGeneres, Gizmodo, Guy Kawasaki, Perez Hilton and even Ashton Kutcher…

So when these guys see those videos, they’ll be blogging and re-tweeting like crazy. Viral heaven!

This is a seriously big idea wrapped in a simple, straight forward, clever coating that just makes perfect sense. This campaign will be providing insights for social and viral strategy for the year to come and hopefully help big brands and agencies understand that content is king… still… What sucks for Agencies around the world, is that this campaign has probably just picked up half the awards at Cannes 2011! But on the back of this, I think we’ll see some great campaigns this year.

Ok, so what does all this translate into in terms of results / activity so far? Well, bucket-loads of global conversation and brand engagement (those videos are clocking up hundreds of thousands of views already) and 10′s of thousands of new followers over night, acquired through mass amounts of re-tweets and great blog based campaign exposure…

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