Old Spice: Super Fan Phone Call + The New Ad

Sun, Feb 6, 2011
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Well here it is. The super fan phone call from the Old Spice man himself, to a very lucky 16 year old kid who’s just scored exclusive use of the new Old Spice Ad (called Scent Vacation) for the next few days (see it below). Interestingly, I’m not sure the gamble has payed off like they’d hoped just yet, with the ad only being viewed 25,000 odd times in over 5 days, which, for all the hype surrounding the return of the Old Spice Man, seems about 2 million views short!

Either way, I love the social strategy for it, and any lack of viewer ship while its exclusive to one kid will be a distant memory once it finds its way to the Old Spice YouTube channel.

Oh yeah, so here is the new Old Spice Ad called “Scent Vacation”

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