#OccupyGezi: Crowd-funded NY Times ad

Tue, Jun 4, 2013
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“From the Citizens of Turkey: The violent response to a peaceful protest to save Istanbul’s Gezi Park symbolizes an autocratic government’s increasing encroachment on the civil rights of the country’s citizens. We hope for a new dialogue—one that can restore the trust of Turkish citizens in a government that positioned Turkey as a global economic power, but which is now being recognized around the world for condoning harsh police retaliation striking at the pillars of democracy.” These are the words of my fellow mates who crow-funded a fullpage NY Times ad to let the world know what’s happening in Turkey. They’ve have reached their $53,800 goal in one day and the amount keeps growing. If you wish click here to support the cause. Alternatively you can check out the #OccupyGezi tumblr page for more photos and info here.

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