NZ Airforce “Real World” YouTube Experience

Tue, Jul 19, 2011
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Here is a YouTube experience with a difference from the Royal New Zealand Airforce. It’s part advergame, part digital installation and part old school scale model all tied together via a live streaming, fly-wire (if that’s what you call it!?) webcam, controlled through the YouTube game.

Basically, they’ve given users the ability to fly a virtual helicopter (webcam) across a real world scale model of a battlefield, throwing in challenges and objectives along the way, that are shown on your HUD screen. You’ll use the keyboard for simple flying controls as you drop off supplies (among other things) and avoid crashing into mountain ranges.

The controls are surprisingly reactive, I was expecting a much longer lag time, and the video grain really makes it feel a little more authentic. There are 3x challenges to choose from, and if you are lucky, the queue shouldn’t be more than just a few people, but if you do have to wait, it’s still worth it, the advergame is very cool and you’ll even get to post your personal video straight to YouTube.
Nice find Tim! What do you guys think?

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