Nissan: The Percebeiro Shield

Sun, May 14, 2017
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Introducing Nissan’s Percebeiro Shield; a prototype wearable device that aims to help the ‘percebeiros’ (you know, the guys that collect those amazingly tasty shellfish) by predicting the sea’s behaviour, its dynamic movements, changes to the swell, rogue waves and other environmental changes… Ultimately helping to save lives and assist wiht their jobs in real-time. All powered by Nissan’s shield technology.

The tech is primarily a LIDAR system, just like you’re get in a new car, paired with software that scans the sea and predicts when/where dangerous waves approach. Then attached to the neoprene wetsuit, a range of indicators, sensors and vibration devices communicate to the ‘percebeiro’ receiving different alerts indicating the current state of the sea so they can anticipate the risk and current conditions. Created by the crew at TBWA/Spain. Find out more here.

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