Nissan 370Z Augmented Reality Website (AR)

Thu, May 14, 2009
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Nissan 370Z (AR) Augmented Reality Website
Nissan Australia have today launched a very cool 370Z Augmented Reality Website created by Tequila. Potential buyers have been sent a cool DM piece, complete with a steering wheel cut-out that becomes the receptor for the new Nissan 370Z Augmented Reality application (or you can just print one). All you need is a web-cam, the steering wheel and this website address!

Its a pretty cool little experience, where you have control over the car directly in your hands, can set it on a showroom type spin or just move it around to check out all the details – it even has a virtual “book a test drive” button! Still not as amazing as the BMW Z4 Augmented Reality Website, but probably the first Australian agency to do this for an automotive brand. View the website here.

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