Nike ‘Phenomenal Shot’ Real-Time Ads

Tue, Oct 14, 2014
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As part of Nike’s ‘Risk Everything’ Campaign, they’ve teamed up with Google to create Real-Time ads that aim to let fans celebrate, re-mix, customise and share the celebration with their friends around the world… With each ‘Phenomenal Shot’ ad of a sponsored Nike player going live just 10 seconds after the moment happened in the game.

Each Real-Time Ad is rendered in a rich 3D-Engine and distributed via the Google Ad Network across all devices, with an immersive viewing experience on mobile with HTML5 and JavaScript work together with the phone’s gyroscope and compass data to determine the athlete’s position in a 3-D space. Then fans can spin 360° around a Nike athlete by tilting and panning their mobile device. The entire WebGL experience happens within the mobile browser, without the need to download an app. Very cool. Created by W+K, Grow. #ArtCopyCode

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