Nike: Catch The Flash ARG

Mon, Dec 12, 2011
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Here is a nice twist on the increasingly popular trend towards mobile ARG gaming for brands. Made famous by the Mini Getaway and continued with campaigns like New Balance’s Urban Dash, this time it’s Nike’s turn, with a twist, in the “Catch The Flash” ARG in Vienna, Austria.

This time it wasn’t just a virtual challenge, more an integrated product experience, as Nike had real runners hooked up to GPS and wearing the “Flash” running jacket. With the aim for runners across Vienna to turn up and chase down the Nike Flash runners, who could be tracked via the mobile app. To Catch The Flash, runners would have to take a photo of the runner, which would reveal the special number as the flash hit the jacket (light reflective material to help runners be seen at night). The person to catch the most Flashes wins! I like the integration of real runners in this ARG…

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