Nike 6.0 Launches The iDNation Community

Mon, Jan 10, 2011
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Nike 6.0 has just launched a new version of NikeID called The iDNation. It’s a new community for creative people to be inspired, design some crazy shoes and win some fans along the way. Check out the hype video above to get a sneak peak at how the full “StyleLab” will work when it launches later in January 2011, but for now, you can play with the re-mix feature that lets you take one of two pre-designed shoes to tweak up, or start from scratch for some real practice.

When the StyleLab launches, every shoe you design will be ranked, shared and possibly bought by people around the world. Plus if you’re good, you’ll create new fan’s who’ll be waiting to see your next design, helping to push you towards being the #1 designer in Nike’s iDNation. Click here to check it out. Stay tuned, this should be a pretty cool community. (thanks Mark)

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