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Sun, May 17, 2009
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ecater digital startup launches in Australia

Today we launched eCater, a hot new digital startup based in Sydney, Australia. They provide a specialist niche service to both Cafes & Businesses in CBD’s around Australia. Traditionally cafes take all their corporate catering and office catering orders over the phone a week or more before its delivered (or the opposite, at the very last second), write it down on a random piece of paper, stick it up on a wall (or in a book if they are lucky!) and hope it doesn’t go missing, let alone remembering to fill that order correctly and deliver it at the right time.

The industry needed a better solution for cafes and businesses to take & order catering, eCater is now delivering it in spades by providing an online system that simplifies and manages both sides from start to finish.

We worked with eCater on a whole host of things to get them up and running from creative to strategy and everything in between, they are live as of now, and already have lots of cafes and businesses registered in Sydney & Melbourne ready to take and make orders!

Click here to check out the website. Or continue reading to find out more!

Businesses are ordering catering every week over the phone, asking for prices, the latest menu and what the specials for the day are. Every time they have to order, the business needs to remember what everyone likes, what their allergies maybe, how much to order and where are they going to get it from.

So eCater now provides a solution for both parties, by providing an online/mobile service helps cafes and businesses streamline their catering needs and increasing the quality of service provided through efficiency.

Cafes benefit by being able to take online orders instantly for their menu, with a fully automated management system to traffic the orders through to delivery, plus they get instant email and sms alerts to keep them on track, but most of all, they are then exposed to a large online user-base of businesses looking for catering in their local area, increasing their potential to attract new clients.

While businesses now have an online ordering system that remembers your previous orders, allows you to search for cafes in your local area and sort by food style, track payments and orders for your monthly accounts of pay instantly by credit card with tax invoices, choose items from various menus, schedule delivery months or minutes in advance and track your orders with automated alerts through to delivery.

Check them out here!

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