New Balance: Urban Dash Challenge ARG App

Wed, Aug 10, 2011
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Here is a pretty cool new campaign from New Balance to promote their first Flagship store in New York. To do it, they’ve created the “Urban Dash” iPhone app that challenges you to find hundreds of virtual batons throughout New York, before running to the new flagship store while still in possession of that baton.

Each day they are releasing 20-30 batons, and if you make it to the store with one, you’ll score a free pair of New Balance 574 Shoes instantly, but if you manage to collect the most virtual batons out of everyone in NYC, you’ll take home an exclusive 14k Gold Baton worth over $20k!

However, it won’t be easy, similarly to the original Mini Getaway ARG campaign in Stockholm, anyone else with the app will see where you are with the baton, and if they can get close enough to you, they’ll be able to take it from you. What do you think of this ARG campaign?

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