MTV & Dell Launch Social Amplichoir

Tue, Sep 29, 2009
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This is an interesting campaign for the upcoming MTV awards where fans have the chance to win VIP tickets by recording their own version of “Lollipop” live on the Amplichoir website – which they are hoping is soon to be home to the worlds biggest choir. You don’t have to be good, you just needs lots of friends! The more you share, the higher your votes get and there will be a judging panel to make a final decision!

The vote getting idea is great for increasing the reach of the campaign, but the site really needs to get some traction first to get that viral effect starting to roll into motion with the masses. And I just wonder if the VIP tickets are enough to get enough people into it? After the first 2.5 weeks, the campaign only has 116 facebook fans and from my count, about 200ish recordings which seems pretty low to me? (even this YouTube video has just 2500 views) I wonder if this is a big idea being wasted on the wrong competition/event? Maybe this would have been great for a “save the world” type campaign!?! Maybe I should just wait and see if they run a campaign to promote the comp!

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