Mountain Dew: Street Art meets Paintball

Tue, Jul 26, 2011
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Here is a new campaign from Mountain Dew Energy UK. Centered around a Facebook app the campaign aims to find and showcase the brand’s official street artist. This hype video features the Graffiti Kings creating street art, using paintballs, in London’s graffiti hub, the Leake Street Tunnel. These featured artists, Knoxville and Grohl, were chosen by fans with a teaser campaign.

After viewing the video the you are invited to contribute to the street art via Facebook, which for some reason leads back to a microsite, where you can then create your art…

The concept is pretty engaging, the app provides plenty of design flexibility, and should generate some traction with the target market if they can get past the glaringly obvious UX issues, and make it into the actual site! Thanks Alicia!

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