M&M’s Internet Invasion Game

Mon, Feb 28, 2011
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M&M’s are doing something a little different over in Denmark, utilising Bookmarklets (little Javascript apps that are launched from a bookmark) to help turn every website in the world, into part of the M&M’s “Space Heroes” internet invasion game. This style of creative strategy has been hotting up of late, with brands delivering interactive experiences accessible on any website.

Essentially, you goto the M&M’s “Space Heroes” website to get the Bookmarklet (just drag the spaceship into your bookmark bar) then jump onto any site you like… Google. Facebook .etc What ever you fancy, then click on the Bookmark in your browser bar, and you’re in the game!

While it’s by no means a seamless user experience, it is pretty quick & simple to do, so if brands can create the desire to get involved, Bookmarklets might have legs. Created by BBDO Denmark.

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