Mini & Krink Team Up With Dripping Ink

Thu, Nov 5, 2009
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I love it when brands try something different and stop advertising to start creating. It engages people on another level, provides them with a connection that previously didn’t exist. It creates the best brand campaigns when done right. Nike do it with urban artists and sporting stars, Adidas with street soccer heroes and designer types while Coke have dabbled in it. Mini, as you’d expect, plays in the same space and this is a very cool way of tapping back into their urban roots.

They teamed up with Craig KR Costello, a cult street artist and is well known in design circles. He runs KRINK an art company supplying the best ink and markers to the worlds creatives. His signature style, dripping ink art. So Mini & KRINK teamed up to design this new Mini. You can find some very cool pics here. It’s this sort of creative that lights up the social sphere with chatter, priceless PR in my mind! (via Adverblog)

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