Microsoft’s New Street Slide Mapping View

Thu, Jul 29, 2010
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If there is even just a little bit of nerd in you, you’re going to love this. Microsoft’s research team is working on a street mapping view called “Street Slide” and by the looks of it, will eventually provide you a whole new experience and some serious visual perspective in comparison to the way you currently navigate through Street View on Google or Bing.

Microsoft Street Slide basically allows you to pull back out of the 360 degree street view and into a multi perspective strip view, generating a seemingly instant visual snapshot or summary of that entire street, meaning you will be able to find what you are looking for much faster because you can see the street view of an entire street in a single strip instead of needing to jump from bubble to bubble in it’s current form.

When this finally goes live (and it might be a while!), you’ll see them use the strip format with additional navigational elements (like logos and building numbers – probably ads too) to maximize the experience with the left over screen space. This will also be coming to your iPhone and of course the new Windows 7 phone. Very very cool. Check out more details and the entire research paper of here. (thanks for the heads up Mitch!)

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