Mercedes-Benz: Transparent Walls Installation

Wed, Mar 9, 2011
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Mercedes-Benz have created an innovative digital installation to showcase a new feature called “pre-safe”, an automatic detection system looking for road danger, that actually has the power to take control of the car to avoid possible incidents, like say, emergency breaking.

So, the guys at agency Jung von Matt/Elbe in Germany, created “Transparent Walls” in busy suburban streets to help show what the “pre-safe” feature might actually look/feel like, if it were seen through human eyes. What they did was to project live video from one side of a wall, onto the other side, making it look transparent, so people driving past could literally see what was coming from behind that wall, giving them more time to react to any possible dangers. What a great concept, and glad Mercedes-Benz bought into the idea!

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